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FLAMENCO Santa Barbara is a non-profit organization providing deserving students the opportunity to master and perform Flamenco dance while instilling a sense of community, self-discipline, culture and pride.

2017/2018 - Scholarship Application

Submission Deadline: 

FLAMENCO Santa Barbara board members and the families they serve fund-raise year-round to generate scholarships for those who are unable to meet the cost of classes. The scholarships are awarded to worthy young dancers of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds with the goal of giving every deserving child the opportunity to follow their dream while instilling a love of learning, discipline, creativity, expression, respect for themselves and others and a sense of community and Santa Barbara history.

2017/2018 - Scholarship Application

Submission Deadline: 

FSB Events

These are our upcoming events, be sure to check back in the future for more!

August 5, 2017

Last day of Fiesta! Come watch us at:

El Paseo Restaurant 2pm

De La Guerra Plaza 5pm

Paseo Nuevo 6pm

Courthouse "Noches de Rhonda" 8pm

August 1st -4th, 2017

August 4th: 

El Paseo Restaurant at 3pm

Paseo Nuevo at 6pm

Courthouse "Noches de Rhonda" at 8pm 

August 3rd:

Paseo Nuevo at 4:45pm

El Paseo Restaurant at 6pm 

August 2nd:

Talia Ortega Vestal.

12pm Paseo Nuevo

8pm Mission "Fiesta Pequeña" 

August 1st :

4:30pm Paseo Nuevo Mall

6pm Mission Dress Rehearsal

8pm Soho

July 15, 2017 

Linda Vega celebrates 30 years of teaching and performing in Santa Barbara with “AYER, HOY Y MAÑANA” (Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow), featuring a sensational cast of guest artists. Maria “La Chacha” Bermudez, from Jerez de la Frontera, along with Timo Nuñez, Manuel Gutierrez, Jose Cortés, Andrés Vadín, Gabriel Osuna and Gerardo Morales will join Vega and her professional company FLAMENCO! Santa Barbara on the stage for an exciting evening of flamenco dance, song and music.